The Swiss Fintech Fair is the major event of the year for the fintech community in Switzerland.

2021 will be especially important as it is the first personal get-together of the overall Swiss fintech community after a very long period of online-only events. 

If you want to connect with Swiss Fintech, if you want to boost your presence and image among fintech drivers in Switzerland, Swiss Fintech Fair 2021 will be the perfect platform. 

Sponsoring - Basic Offer

Sponsoring - Basic Offer

CHF 5'900.00Regular PriceCHF 4'900.00Sale Price


Tailored Sponsoring Packages

Additionally to the basic sponsoring offer, we can tailor your personal sponsoring package depending on your needs and goals e.g.

  • speaking slot

  • pitch slot

  • booth

  • hosting a VIP Lounge