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SFTI will present the work from their Common API working group at Swiss Fintech Fair

We believe we need a strong digital Ecosystem to bring the relevant topics to attention and we want to contribute to the work on helping startups in Switzerland to get the attention they need to flourish and succeed.

Meet us at the Swiss Fintech Fair:

We believe banks and insurance companies should come to the Fintechfair and learn about the topics that are discussed, exchange ideas and find common ground to work together. Together we can move important topics easier and faster. That’s why we decided to present our latest work from our working group Future Finance. They worked on future scenarios of society, life, technology and more to seek insights for the financial industry 2030.

Furthermore we will present the work from our Working group Common API and discuss the necessity of common API standards to facilitate the work with startups for the banking and insurance industry.

What we do:

Our association is working on Fintech topics that are relevant to our members, banks and insurance companies to develop solutions for the needs of their customers and third party providers such as startups. This way we are working on different levels of digitization in the financial industry as f.e. Regulatory topics to help shape the innovation landscape of Switzerland , API standards, making the swiss pension system more transparent and discussing the future of finance.


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