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Meet Aktionariat AG at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2022

Today we happily present Aktionariat AG as one of our exhibitors and speakers at the SWISS FINTECH Fair on September 09th, 2022 at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich. Raphael Aebersold gave us some insights.

Why should people listen to your speech and visit your booth at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2022?

Raphael Aebersold, Aktionariat: By visiting our pitch, you will learn more about the future of private equity and how you can take part in stakeholder capitalism.

What are you looking for at SWISS FINTECH Fair 2022?

Raphael Aebersold, Aktionariat: We would like to meet and connect with you, the people who are seeking to challenge the status quo and dare to rethink private equity together with us. Other than that we are looking forward to talking about the benefits of decentralized, automated markets and how this innovation provides value not only to stakeholders but also to companies.

What does innovation mean for your company?

Raphael Aebersold, Aktionariat: Aktionariat leverages the latest blockchain technology to deliver a solution for straightforward employee participation, continuous fundraising, strategic independence and long-lasting community engagement.

This solution opens up the world of private equity investments for all stakeholders! We achieve this by tokenizing shares, building made-to-measure decentralized marketplaces and offering management tools (Corporate Dashboard, Portfolio App) together with market widgets. Our offer is topped off with periodical events where investors meet founders to learn more about the latest investment cases in the Swiss private equity market.

3 words that come to your mind when you think of SWISS FINTECH Fair?

Raphael Aebersold, Aktionariat: Networking, Fintech, Innovation

Your opinion: What are the trends in Fintech we need to keep an eye on this year?

Raphael Aebersold, Aktionariat: Decentralized, automated markets that work with any tokenized asset, don't rely on intermediaries and therefore drastically improve economic efficiency.

Your opinion: What are the current challenges for Fintechs (in Switzerland)?

Raphael Aebersold, Aktionariat: Generating enough attention.

Meet the CEO of Aktionariat, Nicola Plain,

and his team on September 9.


September 9th, 2022

SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich


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