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SONECT - the ATM on your smartphone - at Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

SONECT is a location based matchmaking platform that connects those who

want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash - typically, a local

shop owner. We do this by converting every shop into a “virtual” ATM - as a virtual

ATM any shop can pay out cash to their customers via our app solution.

SONECT is the largest cash withdrawal network in Switzerland and will expand to

Europe in Q1 2020. Our solution democratises the process of cash distribution so

that a significant portion of the value chain can be eliminated in order to make the

process faster, cheaper and safer, by using “Sharing Economy” just like UBER for

Taxis, or AirBnB to Hotels, SONECT is for ATMs.

SONECT for users

  • Individuals can avoid an extra trip to the ATM and withdraw money at the click of a button wherever they are

  • Users can safe money by withdrawing for free, using the SONECT App

SONECT for shops

  • Shops not only have less cash to manage at the end of day, but also earn a commission for performing the service

  • Earning a commission is a huge advantage for shops that normally pay to offer CashBack

  • We are building a community around local businesses and help shops promote their special offers and get new clients through our App

SONECT for banks

  • Banks can avoid procuring and renting ATM spaces, reduce maintenance and avoid regular cash replenishment of their ATMs

  • Banks are able to offer an additional service to their customers who otherwise would pay for ATM withdrawals

  • We expand the existing ATM network of Banks with our Shops, especially in small villages, where it is too expensive to operate an ATM

From a business model perspective, SONECT is a B2B2C business. We sell our

platform and service to banks who otherwise pay for hefty ATM interchange fees.

SONECT at the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

Founded in late 2016 in Zurich, SONECT is one of the top fintech start-ups in

Switzerland. After a successful launch, SONECT is now gearing up to expand in

multiple EU markets including Germany. For us the Swiss Fintech Fair is a great

platform to share our vision and to deepen and expand our network.

Visit the SONECT booth

Since SONECT's foundation we have become one of the leading Fintech

companies, have built the largest virtual ATM network in Switzerland and have

already won several prizes. Visit us at our booth and let us introduce you to the

world of SONECT and experience a new way of withdrawing cash.

Get free Coffee at our booth!


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