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Don't miss it: smallinvoice exhibiting at Swiss Fintech Fair

What we do: With our SaaS and mobile based solution smallinvoice we provide an intuitive business software for small businesses and startups. smallinvoice enables companies to manage their income, expenses and general administrative tasks without requiring any accounting know-how. Our open API together with numerous integrations and addons enable seamless data exchange with various 3rd party offerings.

For corporate clients, smallinvoice is also available as white-label solution to foster collaboration and offer added benefits for SME clients. For example Postfinance's SmartBusiness offering is based on a white-label of smallinvoice.

We are eager to showcase our solution, mingle with peers of the Swiss Fintech ecosystem and look for collaboration opportunities. For us it's always interesting to explore new solutions and offerings that might assist our thousands of active customers with their daily tasks or simplify the lives of SMEs that are not yet our customers.

Come to our booth: To learn more about smallinvoice, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the digitalization and to share ideas how-to foster collaboration among startups to provide even more benefits for Swiss SMEs. Also we are especially interested in collaboration with banks, financial institutions and fiduciaries to extend smallinvoice with related services.

Get in touch and schedule a meeting at our booth during the Swiss Fintech Fair: If you already would like to know more, share some information or setup an appointment, feel free to reach out to sandro.kunz (at) lourenssystems. ch


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