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ONE PM presenting tech-driven wealth management at Swiss Fintech Fair

Visit our booth and come to see our pitch:

Everybody that is interested in tech-driven wealth management, caring about open banking, particularly in the area of securities, and cloud-based banking in general should come and see our pitch and meet with us at our booth. Especially parties that struggle with multi-custody services, bank interfacing, asset consolidation & reconciliation and want to overcome this part of the value chain with elegant, intelligent, automated & scalable solutions at ultimately lower costs are recommended to get in touch.

Why we are participating the Swiss Fintech Fair:

We don’t only want to exhibit our solutions to potential clients, but also leverage our API-driven platform and explore possibilities of collaborations with mindlike fintechs & other providers and share our views on current trends, such as open banking, and discuss how these will change asset management in the future. Therefore, we are looking forward to meeting with all types of interested parties — entrepreneurs, peers, potential clients & investors, regulators, banks, etc. — to exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences.

What we do:

ONE PM provides asset management data services, both in a comprehensive portfolio management system (PMS) as well as over a direct interface (REST API). Thereby ONE PM is best-in-class in delivering consolidated & reconciled securities accounting information over multiple custodians, by excelling existing bank-interfacing capabilities and overcoming missing standards with self-learning mechanisms.

ONE PM respects all current and future aspects of data privacy by safely hosting all clients’ data strictly segregated in a multi-tenant setup in a Swiss private cloud. ONE PM is a certified SWIFT-partner, “swiss made software + hosted in switzerland” and all operations are fully based in Switzerland.

At ONE PM we foster an open architecture approach and rather understand ourselves as a relevant piece within a greater ecosystem that maximizes its relevance for all contributors and users. Reflecting this fact, we are happy to explain to more tech-interested visitors, why we believe in delayered, strictly API-driven and micro-service-oriented setups and development.

If you would like to get in touch prior to the event or schedule a meeting at our booth during the Swiss FinTech Fair, please contact xoana.janner(at)


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