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Meet SWQA Solutions GmbH at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2022

Today we happily present SWQA Solutions GmbH as one of our exhibitors and speakers (pitch) at the SWISS FINTECH Fair on September 09th, 2022 at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich.

Aashish Barve gave us some insights.

Why should people listen to your speech and visit your booth at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2022?

Aashish Barve, SWQA Solutions: We have extensive experience of working with Fintech companies, we help them to ramp-up the product development life cycle by providing end to end services in software development, QA automation and 24x7 support.

What are you looking for at SWISS FINTECH Fair 2022?

Aashish Barve, SWQA Solutions: We would like to meet other Fintech companies and understand their requirements and help them with our experience in on-site, off/near shoring.

What does innovation mean for your company?

Aashish Barve, SWQA Solutions: By using latest technologies and our vast experience, we provide cost effective solutions for the product based Fintech companies using various models. Our expertise lies in well synchronized distributed development / WFH culture which is getting popular post pandemic resulting in more time & cost effectiveness.

3 words that come to your mind when you think of SWISS FINTECH Fair?

Aashish Barve, SWQA Solutions: Exposure , Recognition, Synergies

Your opinion: What are the trends in Fintech we need to keep an eye on this year?

Aashish Barve, SWQA Solutions:

1) open banking

2) web3 / defi / crypto

3) market starting to consolidate after the focus on unbundling in the last few years

Your opinion: What are the current challenges for Fintechs (in Switzerland)?

Aashish Barve, SWQA Solutions:

Small market size in Switzerland


Meet Aashish Barve and the team of SWQA Solutions GmbH on September 9.


September 9th, 2022

SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich


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