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Meet Futurae at Swiss Fintech Fair 2021

Today we happily present Futurae Technologies AG one of our exhibiting companies at Swiss Fintech Fair on September 08th, 2021 at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich. Gaetano Mecenero from Futurae gave us some insights:

What are you presenting at Swiss Fintech Fair 2021?

Mecenero: At Futurae, we witness daily how our customers are surprised by the flexibility offered by our authentication and fraud detection platform. This results in seamless login experiences and transaction signing for all mobile and web apps so that users can always achieve what they want to do: continue with their work and get access to our customers services.

What are you looking for at Swiss Fintech Fair 2021?

Mecenero: We look forward to engage with the Swiss Fintech community, existing and new customers and potential new partners. Offering an authentication solution that always works increases user adoption and reduces the support costs between 50% and 90% in average. It is time to switch away from SMS and move on to a secure and seamless solution.

What is your company about? What do you do?

Mecenero: With Futurae’s future-proof customer authentication you build trust, not inconvenience. We develop a novel platform for Two-Factor Authentication, Transaction Signing for web banking, mobile banking and customer portals. We offer a variety of Software-based solutions amongst others novel adaptive authentication, passwordless authentication, as well as Hardware-based authentication and transaction confirmation. Our mission is to increase the security of users online. We know that authentication and transaction confirmation can add value beyond a mere security guarantee. Our platform delivers that promise across industries. Today we work with over 100 renowned international companies in the financial services, health, education or the public sector.

Swiss Fintech Fair

September 8th, 2021

SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich


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