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Meet Edi - Expense Intelligence at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2023

Today we happily present Edi as one of our event sponsors at the SWISS FINTECH Fair on September 08th, 2023 at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich.

Jérôme Bättig gave us some insights.

What are you presenting at the SWISS FINTECH Fair 2023?

Jérôme Bättig, Edi: Generative & Conversational AI are top of mind. How can companies effectively implement these technologies in finance processes? Our objective is to share insights on how companies can leverage these technologies beyond their current digitalization roadmap. By using actual examples in spend management, we highlight the benefits and also provide an outlook on future developments.

What are you looking for at SWISS FINTECH Fair 2023?

Jérôme Bättig, Edi: We're seeking networking opportunities and the exchange of innovative ideas in the tech and finance domains. Additionally, we're excited about the possibility of finding collaborative partners or customers interested in initiating innovation projects with us.

What does innovation mean for your company?

Jérôme Bättig, Edi: Innovation, to us, means embracing diverse perspectives to overcome challenges, reimagining processes for the better, and being open to unconventional approaches. In our company, innovation is not confined to new technologies; it also encompasses the way we think and how we interact with people.

3 words that come to your mind when you think of SWISS FINTECH Fair?

Jérôme Bättig, Edi: Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Future

Your opinion: What are the trends in Fintech we need to keep an eye on this year?

Jérôme Bättig, Edi: Generative AI and how it is already utilized in other use cases. Platforms or technological trends that could open new opportunities for us.

Your opinion: What are the current challenges for Fintechs (in Switzerland)?

Jérôme Bättig, Edi: Competing on a global scale and striving for sustainable success through new business models and emerging technologies.

Meet the team of Edi on September 8.


September 8th, 2023

SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich


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