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Meet Acodis at Swiss Fintech Fair 2021

Today we happily present Acodis one of our exhibiting companies at Swiss Fintech Fair on September 08th, 2021 at SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich. Martin Keller from Acodis gave us some insights:

What are you presenting at Swiss Fintech Fair 2021?

Keller: Acodis supports you in discovering the power of data locked within your documents. Currently, most companies unconsciously rely on copy/pasting, or manually typing in data, throughout all their document processing. Not only is this a dull and monotonous task, but it is also very error-prone. Join us and learn how AI can boost your productivity–with just a few clicks.

Acodis is processing millions of documents per year for over 40 customers in 6 countries. For example, a Swiss bank uses our technology to extract data from salary slips, which allows their employees to spend more time analysing the creditworthiness and wasting less time typing in data.

Visit our booth to learn more about the various use cases and see our technology live in action.

What are you looking for at Swiss Fintech Fair 2021?

Keller: We look forward to meeting the Swiss fintech community and anyone interested in intelligent document processing. We hope to provide visitors with food-for-thought about where copy/pasting in document-intensive processes could be automated.

What is your company about? What do you do at Acodis?

Keller: Every business process contains documents, and they hold information that is key to success but hard to access and automate. Acodis intelligent document processing (IDP) turns any document, in any language, into structured information. Helping companies to streamline their document intensive processes and to make sense of vast amounts of data in seconds is what drives us every day.

Our machine learning technology empowers business users to classify and read information independently from a specific document type or layout. Our customers in the finance industry typically process salary slips, financial statements, pension fund statements, product termsheets, and many other document types.

Since our foundation in 2016, our team has grown to 25 people. Last year we raised CHF 2m to accelerate growth and tackle new markets with our new Acodis IDP platform.

Swiss Fintech Fair

September 8th, 2021

SIX ConventionPoint in Zurich


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