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Lending platform Cashare at the Swiss Fintech Fair: Looking for partnerships and eager for exchange

As a forerunner of Fintech in Switzerland we are eager to exchange with

peers, industry and costumers in order to improve our services and the

innovation mindset in the Swiss financial industry. We believe Fintech can

deliver much more in a new financial ecosystem.

Meet us at our booth in the exhibition area:

Our offering as a lending platform delivers borrowers and investors a unique

client experience with attractive interest rates without the opaque and

cumbersome balance sheet of a bank. Further we are looking for interesting

new partnerships with new and incumbent companies as well as for an

interesting exchange with digital shapers and all others.

We are curious to learn more about today's development in order to team up

with other innovators to create customer value in a new financial landscape

and deliver a contribution to a strong Swiss financial marketplace.

If you would like to get in touch prior to the event or schedule a meeting in our show room during the Swiss FinTech Fair, please contact: info(at)cashare .ch

What we do:

Cashare has been operating the largest crowdlending platform in Switzerland

since 2008 as a forward-looking and innovative credit marketplace with more

than 33,000 users, around 2,300 financed loan projects and a requested loan

volume of over CHF 945 million. With the digital business model, Cashare

offers an advanced platform for peer-to-peer loans, which are brokered

without any detours through traditional banking products between investors

and borrowers. The focus is on secure, fast, efficient and easy financing of

consumer, SME and real estate loans. Cashare has been actively contributing

to a sustainable and innovative Swiss financial center since its foundation and

is widely seen as the pioneer in the disruptive fintech scene in Switzerland.


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