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Keen will run a Show Room during the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

Meet the Keen team Keen is an independent subsidiary of Basler Kantonalbank, responsible for finding, testing and developing new technologies and business models to scale within BKB or Bank Cler. We focus on Open Innovation, aiming to collaborate with startups and other partners to co-create new ideas and to build strong ecosystems around these ideas.

Keen was founded at the beginning of the year and we have now grown to a team of 8 fulltime innovators plus two interns.

Why we are participating the Swiss Fintech Fair

Since we are committed to Open Innovation, we are always looking for new ideas and new potential partners to make these ideas happen. Being a rather young player in the market, we believe that the Swiss Fintech Fair is a great opportunity to (1) show the Swiss fintech ecosystem that we exist and what we do, (2) meet new potential partners, and (3) exchange knowledge and experiences with other players.

Come and meet us in our show room

Our showroom will present Keen and our approach to innovation, but we will also have representatives of BKB and Bank Cler (including Switzerland’s first Smartphone Bank “Zak”) there. This is a great opportunity for fintech startups to talk to us about their technologies and ideas and discuss potential collaborations.

This year we are particularly focused on helping small & medium businesses and therefore would especially love to talk to potential partners with technology that helps SMBs grow their business faster.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more or to make an appointment to meet us in our show room on September 17th, feel free to get in touch:

Julia Holzgreve - jkh(at)keen-innovation .ch

Swiss Fintech Fair

September 17 | 09:30-17:00

Keen: Show Room K1, Groundfloor

Kraftwerk, Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


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