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Exeon Analytics AG at the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

Exeon Analytics AG is a Swiss cyber security company that is specialized in detecting hidden data breaches and advanced cyber attacks.

The financial system is built on data about customers and transactions. This data is found increasingly at risk through cyber threats, which circumvent common IT protection measures and breach highly sensitive data. Such breaches often happen in plain sight, hidden in millions of regular activities, and remain undetected for over 200 days on average.

Machine-learning and big data-based solutions, such as ExeonTrace, enable companies to detect new cyber attacks as well as malicious insiders, which are often not identified by common security measures. And this in only one day.

Why are we participating at the Swiss Fintech Fair?

Our mission is to protect our customer’s data and IT networks with groundbreaking security analytics. At the Swiss Fintech Fair, we want to demonstrate how machine learning and big data significantly increase cyber security.

Are you interested to know more? Feel free to come to our booth or reach out to in order to schedule a meeting.


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