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Exclusively at the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019: Parashift AG announces end-of-year roll-outs

Parashift AG is a DeepTech company focusing on the autonomization of invoice processing through machine learning. Parashift is located  in Switzerland and employs over 20 people in the field of machine learning engineering and development. Forbes recently named Parashift as one of 30 promising AI start-ups in Europe.


Parashifts product «doXeo» is a true Software-as-a-Service that uses technology to transform the accounts payaple industry. As opposed to our competitors, who merely provide on promise software, Parashift offers a unique and automated ‘all-in-one’ solution, with no installation and an instant set-up process.

Exclusively at the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019 we will tell you what we roll-out until end of year e.g.:

  • Integration of 45 additional document types and their data extraction (as we already do with invoices and receipts today)

  • Cost accounting and tagging

  • Function for matching credit card statements with receipts on the platform (will be magic)

  • Standard interfaces to ERP systems used by customers

  • Integration of expense accounting tools

  • Machine learning based fraud suspicion detection for accounting receipts (focus on expenses, also magical)

  • Mobile app for the most important use cases (invoice release & scanning)

At the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019 we show you 1:1 how the software works with real invoices. You want to test it yourself in a hands-on? Bring your own invoice on paper or mobile phone and we will show you how the invoice is processed within seconds so that it only needs to be paid.

Alain Veuve, Founder & CEO parashift

Swiss Fintech Fair 

17 SEP 19 - Kraftwerk, Zurich

Booth on the groundfloor in the exhibtion area

If you have questions in advance or would like to meet us at the booth:


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