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Swiss Fintech Fair 2020 - more international than ever

For the first time: Fully digital fintech fair in Switzerland

Zurich, 09 SEP 2020 – From September 7th to 8th Switzerland’s biggest fintech show, Swiss Fintech Fair was hosted, and for the first time fully digital. Due to COVID19 the organizers have decided early to adapt the concept of this year’s event.

. With ca. 1’000 attendees from about 30 countries, almost 80 exhibitors, more than 50 speakers in 20 web sessions and 18 keynote videos, the 2020 event format was by far the biggest and most international Swiss Fintech Fair ever.

portrait picture of Christina Kehl
Christina Kehl

“Within the fintech industry we work with digital first movers”, says Christina Kehl, Managing Director Swiss Finance Startups and Initiator of Swiss Fintech Fair. “Especially during the COVID19 pandemic we once again see how important digital innovation is for a future-proof economy. Therefore, for us as event organizers in this field it was out of the discussion to go smaller with our Swiss Fintech Fair in 2020 or to even cancel at all. Now is the time to present digital solutions, to support fintech drivers with their business development and to connect Swiss fintech internationally. With an online fintech show we could pursue all of these goals.” The online event platform featured virtual booths, a fully digital speaking agenda with web sessions and video talks as well as professional networking thanks to AI-based matchmaking. The concept was embraced by the international fintech community and generated great interest even outside of Switzerland.

worldmap showing visitors in different regions
Visits Per Region

With attendees from about 30 countries the 2020 Swiss Fintech Fair was more international than ever. Besides Europeans, there were visitors especially from Asia, e.g. South Korea, Singapore, Japan, India or Vietnam; as well as other regions such as the US, Russia, Israel and more.

Laptop showing webinar screen
Web Session During Swiss Fintech Fair DIGITAL

The demand exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Up to 90 viewers tuned in to the web sessions from 09:00 am - 06:00 pm.

Also Main Partner UBS participated with three speakers talking about the topics bancassurance as well as multibanking, furthermore “Key4 by UBS” was presented, the new platform for mortgage, home & living.

The about 1’000 fair participants scheduled 5.4 virtual meetings each on both event days. The record holder is a visitor with a total of 28 1:1-meetings. Altogether the platform recorded over 6’000 1:1 interactions. Tech issues were close to zero, surely thanks to the digital affinity of the fintech industry.


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